About Kathleen


Kathleen recognizes Yoga as a beautiful path to realize one’s true nature. She has practiced and trained in MPY (alignment-based Hatha styles, Ashtanga Vinyasa and other flow practices) and several forms of meditation. She completed her teacher training at Blue Heron Wellness in Silver Spring, MD.

Kathleen is continually humbled and inspired by those who offer their vast knowledge and experience out there in the big, wide world of Yoga. The Yogic wisdom from exceptional guides along her path, provides clarity to her experiences and instills resolve in her actions.  The path of Yoga illuminates the brighest light of Truth. 

In gratitude and with every intention for reverence and humility, she serves to honor the traditional roots of Yoga from the Hindu tradition — and from which the beauty of her practice and learning — derive by offering the practice in a relevant ways to contemporary students.

Looking Glass House


** If you are looking for my writings on Hindu-Jewish & India-Israel alliance work, please visit my site Reflections of Indwelling Light.  

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Yoga instruction by Kathleen Reynolds in the greater D.C. area