Welcome the sensory experience of spring 

Spring is here 🌱🌺 … the light has shifted … and the season welcomes so many more changes to our sensory experiences. Let’s open to the arrival of spring by welcoming slow shifts into our practice. 

Now that the longer days flood the studio with brightness as we arrive on our mats in the evening 🌤, the glow of the candles for our flow dims in comparison to the natural light. Time for a change indeed! 

Spring is awash in fresh scents awakened by rain 💦 and arising from the earth 🌱🌼. We’ll enliven a new sensory experience by using aromatherapy techniques within our flow.  


Meet me on the mat to awaken your senses and let go of the stress of your day with the lovely experience of aromatherapy and springtime Yoga flow. 🌿🌦🌊


TUESDAYS, 6-7:15pm
The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda

**All are welcome (modifications are offered for all levels of experience)**



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